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Who's the driver behind VLO Business Solutions?  Find out about Verna O'Neill

Founder and chief enthusiast, Verna O'Neill, loves community-focused initiatives that promote small business and help entrepreneurs thrive.  Over the past 25+ years, Verna has worked in the Community Futures world, helping thousands of entrepreneurs reach their goals in becoming more profitable, strategic and creative in their approach to growing their business.  Her passion for small business is tremendously compelling and she is always looking for ways to assist entrepreneurs at the grass-roots level. 


From marketing strategies to financial analysis, Verna has a great wealth of diverse knowledge, skills and networks to assist businesses, economic development agencies and communities reach their goals.


Verna obtained her Bachelor of Commerce (finance major) degree from the University of Saskatchewan.  She also holds a Certificate in Adult Continuing Education from the University of Manitoba.  She's always learning and growing her skills and her network.   


BIG NEWS: Verna is a certified facilitator of the Destination Creation program in Canada … one of only TEN nation-wide!  Check it out: Destination University

MORE BIG NEWS:  Verna is a certified facilitator for non-profit board development training with Community Futures Leadership Institute.  Check it out: CFLI

Still curious about Verna? She shared her backstory in a feature interview on the #BetterThePond podcast.

Coaching with Verna
Verna O'Neill

"At the heart of any successful business workshop, project or coaching session is finding out the needs of the client.  What's the real issue, what are you trying to achieve, what are the pinch-points that you want to change?  I spend time to ask these fundamental questions, discuss the best strategy to achieve results and always keep our goals top-of-mind.  Communication is important, and I prioritize providing updates and regular check-ins along the way.  Making a difference takes hard work, creativity and the flexibility to change on the fly when needed.  Providing quality service to make a difference to small businesses and communities is why I started VLO Business Solutions."

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