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Game-Changing Marketing Program

Get your businesses, tourism operators and social enterprises thinking in a different way about their marketing.  They can become destinations, pulling customers in from beyond their traditional markets . . . they just need to understand their compelling 'call-to-action', how to develop their new marketing mindset and TAKE ACTION to make changes happen!

The Destination Creation course is the place to start.  This course is a game-changer for any business, especially those that want to expand their client base and increase their bottom line. By helping entrepreneurs to showcase their company's uniqueness, the program enables them to breathe new life into their marketing efforts!

The Starter Suite  
  • Eight lessons of Destination Creation coursework are supported by experienced business facilitators, and a proven program that has already attracted attention in Canada and USA. Talk to us about the tremendous outcomes this program can generate (such a big bang for an easy-button program!)

  • 15 participants maximum per group. Delivered virtually or in-person (additional travel costs will apply). Price is dependent on Jon Schallert's Destination Creation course fees.

The Connector 
  • THE STARTER SUITE is a pre-requisite

  • 3 x 1 hour virtual group training sessions (monthly)

  • Keep the connection going! One-hour virtual collaboration sessions are held monthly with the aim to encourage co-operative marketing and provide an on-going link to your office for service referral. Session topics will be based on the needs of the group and may include: new product/experience development, storytelling and social media trends.

The VLO Easy-Button promise . . .

We know your organization does amazing work in your communities!  You and your staff are rock-stars.  So let us help you even more . . . by minimizing the additional workload on your staff:

A Communications Package will be supplied for each Destination Business package ordered:

    • A Promotional Plan template

    • A Press Releases to announce the program

    • Three Social Posts - customized to your purchased package

    • One Digital Marketing flyer, to promote the program



A follow-up Destination Report will summarize project outcomes:

    • Business Training Participants

    • Businesses Created and Maintained

    • Partners involved in the Project

Contact Verna to discuss Destination Business package options for your organization: 

P:  306-861-1666


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